You may wish to save / download a Story or Message as a PDF file, but want to use and save the borders and include the extra sections available from Print Wizard. This article will help you with saving the Story from Print Wizard. 

1: Follow along with this article to go through the Print Wizard as usual

2: Preview and Print - Once the preview has been generated you can decide if you want to save or go back and edit. 

If you would like to go back and edit some of your previous selections you can do so by selecting the Step you would like to go back to in the list of steps at the top of the page. 

Once you are happy and ready to save, simply click the orange "Print" button.

The next screen will be a pop up with print settings. Depending on your internet browser, it may appear a little different. The following is from Google Chrome, our recommended web browser.
On this screen you can change the Destination from your printer, to save as a PDF. 

3: Click on "Change..."

4: Select "Save as PDF"

5: You can now click "Save" to save the Story / Message as a PDF

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