If your service uses QikKids to store family and child data, you are able to easily send all of your users information to us as a spreadsheet for us to upload and import to your Educa site.

To get your children and family information loaded into your site, simply export the following report from your QikKids and send it to us. This allows us to load everything in one go which makes setup super easy! 

Access the report by clicking on the following options:
1: Click the "Reports" button.
2: Click on "Children"
3: Select (double click) "Children Information summary – contacts" to load the report. 

4: Finally click on "Export as XLS" to save it as a spreadsheet document. 

Note: Sometimes you may need to add the child gender info in the spreadsheet before sending. Use Excel to open and edit the file.

You can then send the spreadsheet through to support@geteduca.com and we will upload it to your site! 

5: Once we have uploaded the child data, we will let you know and you can send an invite out to all your family members. 

Invite all your family members at once - Click Here 

For security, all files are deleted from our server immediately after the upload.

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