Instead of printing a child's stories one by one, there is a way to print off all the stories in one go. This can be achieved by downloading the child's profile and printing the HTML file that contains all of their Individual and Group Learning Stories.
Both teachers and parents are able to do this. 

1: Follow along here with how to download a child's profile.

2: Once the profile has been downloaded and extracted, open the HTML file that will be named "[child's name]'s learning stories"

Please note: All pictures will still be displayed fine, however any videos or PDF files will not be shown on this page, they will instead have clickable links to view them. 

3: You can then print this list of stories through a couple different ways. These methods may differ depending on your internet browser.
The easiest way is by first right clicking and then click "Print..." (or press the Ctrl + P keys at the same time)

This will then take you to the print screen. Adjust the settings here (such as Printer destination, pages, and color choice) to suit your preferences.
What you see to the right of the options, is a preview of what the printed version will look like. 

4: When you are ready to print, simply hit the "Print" button.

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