Educa's Planning feature can be used for a few different purposes: You can set up individual goals for children, class or group plans, strategic goals for your service, and more. This article will help with linking these plans to Individual and Group Learning Stories.

If you need to set up a plan, please click here to learn how. 

1: When creating a story, you will see the Link to Plan(s) subheading under the Curriculum section. Click on the drop-down selection menu to choose which plan(s) to link. You can link up to a maximum of ten plans. 

Please note: If this is an Individual Learning Story, you will only see plans based off the Individual Goal Template, whereas only plans based off the Group Plan Template will show if you are creating a Group Story. 

Once a plan is linked to a story it will show the plan's title and summary, which will be available to view on the story by parents.
Click the "View" button to look at the full plan. 

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