If you have written an Individual plan for a child and wish to use it for another child, you have the option to copy the plan. This article will help with sharing a plan to use with other children.
To learn how to write a Plan, please click here.

1: Select the "Planning" from the toolbar on the left hand side

This will take you directly to step 4

2:  Alternatively click the "Centre" link (alternative labels: Service, Company, or School) and from the drop down select About Us

3:  Click the orange "Planning" button

4:  Click the "Copy" button next to the plan you wish to use

5:  You can now fill out the plan as you normally would. Simply select the child it is for and edit any fields if you would like.

6:  Click either "Draft" or "Publish" to finish the plan

Writing a Plan - Click Here

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Trouble Publishing Plan - Click Here

Link a story to a Plan - Click Here

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