When a child leaves a service and needs to be removed from the Educa system, Educa provides ways to protect their information.

Transferring a Child's Profile to a New Centre or Service

Educa has the ability to maintain all of a child's information, profile, and stories by transferring them to another centre or service using Educa.

By contacting support, through the Educa support app in the bottom-right chat window, through email, or by calling. Educa ensures your child's information follows your child to their new centre or service. Click here to get in touch with us!

Archiving a Child's Profile

Administrators on a centre's Educa site have the opportunity to archive children's profiles that have moved or left centres or services. This provides parents an opportunity to download old profile information and stories.

While a profile is archived, only administrators have access to view archived profiles. The information is stored on Educa servers and safe, where only parents connected to the child's site that belongs to them.

Parents can view and download their child's archived profile by following the instructions here.

Deleting a Child's Profile

Finally, administrators on Educa also have the option to permanently delete a child's profile from the Educa site. This decision deletes the information from the archived list of children on a centre or service's site.

The information will not be able to be downloaded or viewed, by administrators, educators, or parents.

Parents can request to have their child's profile and information deleted from the centre or service's site by contacting the site's administrator.

Note: Deleting a child's profile will only occur at the request of a parent

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