Sometimes centres feel that Educa isn't working for them and unfortunately decide to cancel their account. 

In the first instance, we would always recommend you contact the Educa Support Team. We are here to help you overcome any difficulties you have experienced, and we'd hate to see you leave over an issue which we can resolve for you.

Having spoken with the Support Team, if you still feel that Educa isn't the right fit for your centre, you will be required to complete the online cancellation form: 

You will be asked to provide the details of your centre and cancellation circumstances. 

Additionally, you will be asked to provide feedback on your reason for leaving. We really appreciate user feedback and are committed to improving Educa based on our user's needs. 

Once you have completed the online cancellation form, you will be contacted by a member of our Support Team. They will confirm the cancellation has been completed and your service end date. 

If you have any further questions about cancelling your account, please do not hesitate to get in touch us at: 

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