Creating a Table Plan Template

  1. Log in to Educa
  2. Navigate to the Planning section by clicking on Centre -> About Us -> Planning or clicking "Planning" on the left hand side-bar.
  3. Click "Create Plan"
  4. Select the template you would like to use from the "Select Plan Template" drop-down. In this tutorial we are using  "Educa Lesson Plan by Week Template (Table)"
  5. If you want to share the plan with other teachers, use the "Link to Teachers" drop-down to link other teachers to the plan. Linking other teachers will allow them to see your plan, link the plan to children's stories, edit and copy your plan.
  6. If the plan is only for a specific child or children, select them from the "Link to Children" drop-down. 
  7. Enter an identifiable Title to the plan in the "Title" text-field.
  8. Provide a brief summary of your plan in the "Subject" text-field (Max 250 characters).
  9. Switch the columns and rows between Header and Content cells as required 
  10. Enter the required details in each cell by clicking on the cell. This will produce a pop-up text box.
  11. To add more content rows, click the "Add New Row" button
  12. Once you have added all the required fields to your plan, click "Publish" to publish your plan and start putting it into action.
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