Individual Plan Linking

A little while ago we enabled a feature so that when a teacher went to link a plan to a learning story, they could see all plans available to them.

BUT that didn't go over well, and teachers were requesting that we return it to the way it was.

That has now been changed again, so if you go to link a plan to an individual learning story, only the plans that are linked to that child (and available to that teacher, as the author or as a linked teacher) will show in the drop-down.

Google Calender Integration

If your centre uses Google Calendar you can now display that on your site instead of the default Educa calendar. To enable this, go to Administation > Site Settings > Privacy and Preferences and scroll down to Calendar.

Once you enter your public Google Calendar ID, your centre's Google Calendar will be showing on your site and available for parents and families to view!  Note that all editing should be done in Google Calendar, this will be view - only. 

New languages

Spanish and Arabic are now available as default languages to select.

To enable this,  Administation > Site Settings > Privacy and Preferences and scroll down to Language 

There is more information on updating the default language for your centre in the help article here.

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