**Please note that the free version of Grammarly only supports basic spelling and grammar checking**

Open a Google Chrome window and navigate to this link . This will take you to the Google Chrome Web Store where you can add Grammarly as an extension.

Select "Add to Chrome" to add Grammarly as an Google Chrome extension

In the pop up box that appears, click "Add extension"

Once the extension has been added, you may be asked to sign in. Enter your email address, name and a password.

The extension has now been added. 

In Educa, create a new learning story or edit an existing story. In any of the text-boxes such as the "Story" you will see the green Grammarly symbol in the bottom right corner of the text-box

This symbol will change to a number indicating that there is a mistake that needs fixing. The mistake will also be underlined in the text-box

Hover your mouse over the mistake to see what is wrong. From the options that appear when hovering over a mistake, you can either select a fix or choose to ignore the mistake.

Click the suggestion to change the mis-spelled word to the correct spelling.

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