This article is for families. If you are teacher using Educa on your phone or tablet, you should be using the teacher progressive web app - more here.

Settings for Educa Touch family app

In order to be able to include photos in your learning stories on the Educa Touch application, you have to grant the app access to your camera and Photo library.

1: Find and Open your device's Settings. The icon will look like the below image.

2: Scroll down the page until you locate the settings for the Educa Touch application. This will be in the bottom section of your device's settings. Tap to open for more options.

3: The first two options you will see are Photos and Camera.

Make sure that Camera is turned on, the switch will turn green to indicate it has been turned on. This will allow you to use your Camera within the Educa Touch app.

Tap on Photos to open up more options. Make sure that Read and Write is ticked. This will allow you to access and select photos from your Photo library to include in your learning stories.

Once these two options have been enabled, you will be able to take new photos and choose existing photos to add to your learning stories.

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