Creating a hyperlink to Google Drive, Docs or Sheets is easy in Educa. However for people to be able to view the file, it must be set as visible to anyone with the link. This guide will show you how to: 

  1. Set sharing permissions for the Google file 
  2. Create a hyperlink in any text box in Educa

Set Sharing Permissions 

In Google Drive 

Right click on the file you want to share and click "Share"

In Google Docs or Sheets

Open the file you want to share and click the "Share" button in the top right corner

In the dialogue box that appears, click "Advanced"

The default sharing setting for Google files is set so anyone who is a part of your domain can view the file. 

To ensure that everyone that needs access to the file can view it, it is recommended to change the setting so anyone with the link can view the file. Under the "Who has access" heading, click "Change"

Set the Link Sharing setting to "On - Anyone with the link" and click Save

Now copy the link either from the the previous page that shows after clicking Save, or from your browser's address bar

Create Hyperlink in Educa

A hyperlink is an electronic link providing direct access to a page or file on the internet. Hyperlinks can be added in Educa to any text box with the formatting options shown at the top of the text box.

To begin creating a hyperlink, enter the text for your link in the text box, highlight it and click the "Insert/edit link" button

In the dialogue box that appears, paste the link you copied from the Google file earlier into the URL field, then click OK

Your hyperlink is now active! To remove the link, click the "Remove link" button, or to edit the link, click on "Insert/edit link" again and repeat the last step.

For more information on creating hyperlinks or how to get Google files into Educa, have a look through our handy help database  or contact Educa support -

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