This update includes:

  1. Teacher Portfolio Tidy-up Changes
  2. Group Story Notification Bug Fix
  3. Blank Page on Plan Printing Bug Fix
  4. Mobile Responsiveness Changes
  5. Replace video player with HTML5 Video

The sidebar is now auto-hidden on smaller devices as it was interfering with other parts of the site. The My Sites option is now available from your personal menu at the top of the screen.

Teacher Portfolio Tidy-up Changes

  1. On the Teacher Profile page, show the following headers even when nothing is entered under their sections: Personal Statement, Development Notes & My Documents
  2. Add "No content is added" text under the headings listed above if nothing is entered in those sections
  3. Changed wording "Portfolio Settings" to "Mentors & Peers"
  4. Approval Comments - Change wording “Rejected On:” to “Returned for Rework On:”
  5. Removed “Teacher Messages” Big Orange Button from All Teachers page. This page is available from the main dropdown menu if the feature is enabled
  6. Added Teacher Profile page privacy statement as sub-header text under “Profile” header
  7. Added information “i” next to Teacher Profile privacy statement that expands on the privacy statement
  8. Removed “Not visibile to parents” sub-header under Development Notes on Teacher Profile page
  9. Removed “Teacher's email is not visible to parents” under email on Teacher Profile page
  10. Added "Professional Development Standards" Header above Development Standard links on Teacher Portfolio Create, Edit and View pages

Group Story Notification Bug Fix

We have fixed an issue where the group story "Send Email" notification setting was not consistent when submitting a story for approval. We have fixed this issue and also applied the same logic to individual stories for consistency.

Blank Page on Plan Printing Bug Fix

We have fixed an issue where quotation marks in curriculum entries that were attached to plans would stop the plan from rendering properly on print.

Mobile Responsiveness Changes

  1. The sidebar now autohides on any device with a resolution of 1300px wide or less. This includes tablets and smartphones.
  2.  Reduced font size of grey sub-header text site-wide to assist with mobile responsiveness.
  3. Reduced the size of curriculum & development standard entries on Create, Edit and View pages for Learning Stories and Teacher Portfolio Posts.

Replace Video Player with HTML5 Video

We have updated our video play from Flash to HTML5. HTML5 is much more responsive on Apple products (iOS does not allow Flash). It is also much faster and much more reliable. We are also now able to predict the processing time of newly uploaded videos much more accurately - approximately 10 minutes (may be shorter for small videos).

Get in Touch

For more information on these new features, or any aspect of Educa, please contact our support team via email or through the chat box on our website.

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