This update includes:

  1. Copy Plans to Teacher Portfolio Posts
  2. Remove Gender as a Required Field
  3. Show Sidebar Open/Close Icon on Smaller Screens
  4. Restyled Edit Story and Goal Settings (now called Learning Story Settings)
  5. Reduced the Size of Profile Pictures on All Children and All Teachers Pages
  6. Fixed Milestones Scrolling Issue
  7. Fixed Test Child Rotating 90 Degrees Issue

Copy Plans to Teacher Portfolio Posts

Users can now copy plans to their Portfolio Posts through the "Copy Plans" button under the Artefacts & Evidence section of the Create Portfolio Post Screen. Copying a plan converts and attaches it as a PDF, so it can be downloaded and transferred with the teacher if they leave the centre. To copy a plan to your portfolio post, you must have access to view the plan either by being the creator of the plan or being linked to it.

1. Click Copy Plan from the Artefacts & Evidence section

2. In the window that appears, select a plan or use the search box to find the plan you want. 

3. Once you have found the plan you want, select it and then click "Copy". 

Please note - Depending on the size of the plan it may take a while to convert to PDF, so only click Copy once and then wait for it to finish.

Remove Gender as a Required Field

Gender is no longer a required field for children in Educa. When creating a new child, you can now opt to not show the Gender field on their profile by simply not selecting an option. 

For people who would like to hide this field for current children, you can edit the child's profile and select the "Not Specified" option which will hide it from their profile.

Show Sidebar Open-Close Icon on Smaller Screens

In our previous update we made the sidebar auto-hide on smaller screens to stop it interfering with some pages on the Educa site. As part of this the ability to open the side bar if required was also inadvertently removed. We have now added this back in. 

If the sidebar is not shown, click the briefcase icon in the top left corner of the screen to open it.

Restyled Edit Story and Goal Settings 

The Edit Story & Goals Settings has now been relabelled Learning Story Settings and it has been re-styled. This is just a small part in the effort to become more mobile responsive, as well as form a standard for upcoming additions to Site Settings. There are no fundamental differences here.

Reduced the Size of Profile Pictures on All Children and All Teachers Pages

We have reduced the sizing of profile pictures on the All Children and All Teachers pages, as a push towards a more mobile responsive website.

Fixed Milestones Scrolling Issue

We have fixed an issue where milestones that had too many questions would stop loading as you scrolled down due a max-height being set. This has now been changed to make the milestones modal much more responsive to the questions being entered, and handling a much larger (dare I say an unlimited!) amount of questions.

Fixed Test Child Rotating 90 Degrees Issue

One day we woke up and the test child which some centre's still use on their site had rotated 90 degrees. This has been fixed and the reason why has been rectified to ensure this type of silliness does not happen again.

Get in Touch

For more information on this update, or any aspect of Educa, please contact our support team via email or through the chat box on our website.

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