Uploading files from Google Drive is just as easy as uploading files from your local machine!

This help article explains how to upload files from Google Drive on both PC, iOS and Android.

Uploading from Google Drive is available on all pages that allow you to upload files. For this help article we will be using a learning story as the example.

To upload files from Google Drive:

First select the type of file you would like to upload 

For photos the file uploader will appear. Select Google Drive from the file uploader 

For Videos and PDF files a dialogue box will appear for you to select Local File or Google Drive.

Once you click Google Drive, you will be asked to select the account you want to log into Google Drive with. Due to the way Google's uploader works, if you have multiple accounts set up through Google, you will have to choose which account you want to access every time you want to upload from Google Drive. If you only have one account set up through Google, you will only need to authenticate once per login session. 

Click on the account you want to log in to and then enter your password.

You will then be taken to the "Select a File" dialogue box. If you are uploading images or resource files you can select multiple files at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key on windows or the Command key on mac and selecting the files you want. 

Once all files have been selected, click "Select"

After a few moments your selected files will upload automatically. This could take a few seconds while the file is authenticated so if nothing happens straight away, don't worry.

If the file is an image, click "Finish" in the file uploader to finalise your uploads. 

If the file is a Video or PDF, there is no further steps to take. 

You can select and upload as many images as you want, but Videos and PDF's are limited to 1 per story. If you are uploading the files as artefacts/evidences on teacher portfolios or resources on pages such as planning, you can upload up to 10 files. 

Uploading Files from Google Drive on a Mobile Device

While it is possible to use the same process above on a mobile device, you can also upload from Google Drive through the phones document browser. In both instances below, the Google Drive app must be installed on the device

Apple Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone etc)

  1. Click "Local File" then use Apple's "Files" browser in conjunction with the Google Drive app 

Android Mobile Device

  1. Click "Local File" then use Android's "Documents" browser in conjunction with the Google Drive app

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