Milestones Now Working Differently

Milestones used to be a standalone feature that is now part of Forms.  

Existing Milestones will only be accessible for edit from the child profile, not the Active Forms list. However, newly created Child Milestones will be available in the Active Form list and from the child profile.

If a Milestone template needs to be edited after the merge, it will now need to be done from the Forms Templates page. This will not affect existing Milestones, only newly created Milestones.

Differences - Child Forms and Child Milestones

While both are available from the subject child's profile, and both can be shared with parents or not, the intended use cases vary as follows:

  1. Use milestones for assessments and screenings - you can link to stories and update while you editing a story.
  2. Use child forms for admin purposes -- they do not connect to stories.

Creating a New Child Milestone

You can create a milestone by copying another milestone form and selecting or different subject child or by going to the Template page and creating a template as follows:  

  1. Click "Create Template"
  2. Select the Form Type  - Child Milestone.
  3. Complete your template as you would any other (see separate article).
  4. Go to Forms page, click "Create Form" and then select your milestone template.  Then set up as you would any other form (see separate article).

You can now link multiple children to a Milestone at once when you create a form using a Child Milestone form template. When you then publish the Milestone, it will split, creating a unique form for each individual child. 

It is also possible to link teachers who are not normally associated with the child through classes to view and/or edit the Milestone. This means they can also update a milestone when in story edit mode.

Milestones Access via Child Profile

Milestones are now accessed on the child profile through a little orange link under the child's profile picture. Learn how to make a milestone active and update it from the child profile here

For more information on Milestones, search for "Milestones" in our help database.

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