Educa’s Calendar keeps families and educators up to date about upcoming events at your centre. It allows you to either create your own events or embed your Google Calendar in a ‘View Only’ format.

All teachers can create their own events, selecting which class the event is for. They can also determine whether teachers, parents or extended families are notified via email. 

The calendar is public to all users on your Educa site, so even though a user may not be invited to an event they would still see that the event has been scheduled. This helps paint a broad picture of what is happening at your centre.

If you decide to display your Google Calendar inside Educa you won’t be able to create events in Educa. These will need to be created within Google and they will automatically be transferred over to the calendar in Educa. This also applies when editing an event. 

To add your Google Calendar to Educa you will need to find your Google Calendar's Public ID. Check out this help article from Google for more information on how to do this.

Check out our handy "How To..." videos below to learn how you can:

  • Create Your Own Events in Educa

  • Notify Families and Educators of Upcoming Events

  • Embed Your Google Calendar in Educa

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