Updated Story Editor

Our story editor has had a well deserved update. As well as tidying up a lot of areas of story creation we have also added these amazing features:

  1. Adding tables - enables background colours, collages, captions on images, special layouts
  2. Adding borders to images and tables
  3. View and edit story in a full screen A4 print view
  4. Re-size and align images from the image edit bar

Adding Tables

Adding tables allows you to define more creative layouts for your story. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add backgrounds. If you choose one table cell only, that will fill the story editor, allowing you to add a background color to your story.  You can edit inside that cell like you would normally.
  • Image captions. If you add two cells one above another, you could put an image in one and a picture caption below.
  • Collage. If you added 4 cells in a square, you could add an image to each and create a collage effect,  Images will auto size to fit into your table.

That's just for starters!  Begin adding a table by selecting "Table" from the main menu on the editor, and setting the dimensions of your table.  

Use the table edit bar shown below to add/remove columns and rows, edit cell properties (such as adding a background), add borders and insert images directly into the selected cell on the table.

Adding Borders to Images and Tables

Go one step further by adding borders to images and tables. Click the arrow next to the border icon on the table or image edit bar.

Select your preferred border to add it to the table or image selected.

View and Edit Story in a Fullscreen A4 Print View

View and edit story in a full screen A4 print view to get a better idea of how the story will be shown when printed. If printing is important to you, use this view to edit your stories to ensure they are perfectly formatted for printing. Includes page numbers, page break guides and the story print header

Select "Print Preview" from the View menu

To upload images in this view, click on the menu bar image upload icon. This will allow you to upload a single image at a time. Uploading images into table cell through this button will automatically re-size the image to fit the confines of the table cell.

Re-size and Align Images from the Image Edit Bar

To assist with image alignment and sizing, you can now re-size and align images from the image edit bar. 

Align the image left, right or centre it. 

Size for 3 images in a row, 2 images in a row or full width.

Get in Touch

For more information on this update, or any aspect of Educa, please contact our support team via email support@geteduca.com or through the chat box on our website.

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