Transition to School Statements

Complete your Transition to School Statements on Educa, using our pre-loaded templates, allowing you to attach evidence.

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Transition to School Statements vary state by state in Australia. In some states they are mandatory, whilst in others they are optional. Educa's Transition to School Statements reflect this varied approach in a simple and time saving style. 

On your Educa site you will find the NSW, QLD and VIC Transition Statements sitting under the Educa Standard Templates in Forms. Your Site Administrator can select which template is required for your service and make any changes required. 

TAS, WA, SA and NT do not provide a standard statewide template. Therefore you can either adapt one of the exisiting Transition to School templates, or get in touch with our Support Team who'll help you put together your own unique template. 

Once your template is active, all educators at your service will be able to access it to create a Statement for each child who requires one. Educators can create Statements for multiple children at one time, with shared information being copied over. This is a useful time-saving tool.

Once the Transition to School Statement is completed for each child, you simply download the form as a PDF and email it to the school the child will be attending next year. 

If you require parent feedback before sending the Statement across to the school you can simply share the form with parents. They will be notified via email and be able to access the Statement to add their comments. Once each parent has provided their feedback, the educators linked to the Statement will be notified. 

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