Class management is the key area to go on Educa for adding multiple children to classrooms, to change the view order for administrators on which classes they see first and to edit the classes names. This will also restrict access to teachers so they will only see the children the children in their class.

This guide will show you how to create the classes.

Note: Only Site Administrators can access this feature.

1: Select the "Children" tab

2: Click the orange Class Management button.

3: Click the "New Class" button to add a new classroom

4: Input the name of the Classroom

5: Select which teachers from the drop down that are able to view this classroom 

6: Click "Select Children" to then add children to the classroom
You can choose to add all the current children that are not in classes, or just click on their photo to add them to the class.

7: Select "Assign" to put them into the Class.

8: Once you are done, click Save to save your changes.

Once the class is created, if you need to make changes such as a name of the class, adding and removing children, or even changing the order of the classrooms, this can all be done from within Class Management.

You can also re-order the classes by simply dragging (left clicking and holding) the class title up or down to change its position. 

Give Teacher Profile Children - Click Here

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