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Creating Stories on Your Phone - Teacher Web App
Creating Stories on Your Phone - Teacher Web App

Learn how to create a story on mobile using Educa's teacher web app - on the go. For Android and Apple, iOS 13 and higher.

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Often you'll want to capture moments and write stories on your phone on the go. You can do this from Educa's teacher progressive web app (PWA) which has a mobile responsive story creator. See how to add the teacher web app to your phone here.

To create a story on the teacher web app on your phone or tablet:

  • Login via your web app icon (check "remember me" the first time),

  • Tap the navigation hamburger in the top left

  • Tap + New Story to see a list of your children.

  • Select a child to start a story.

Simply tap the box once to add information into this section. Then tap "Done" to get back to this main story screen.

In each text-based section you can add photos and style your text.

  • Images - you can muli-select from your device photo library or take a photo and load it directly into the story.

  • Videos - load into the story body - you can add an unlimited number of videos with a 500MB size limit. Each video is on its own row. This is so that when printing stories the videos are not captured, and the story structure is not affected.

  • You can add one attachment - PDF, Word document and any other file you can see when you upload from the "Attachment" button. A preview of the attachment will show in the story.

Images Automatically Resize

The photos will automatically size to be suitable for a mobile device. These will be resized in view mode on a phone to full phone width and will show at 2 in a row (50% width) on desktop to give readers the best Educa experience.

Teacher Web App Requirements

Note: this mobile responsive setup is supported on all Android devices and Apple devices with iOS 13 or above. If you are using an Apple Device with a version of iOS 12 or below, you will see a compact view of what is currently on desktop.

Pro Tip. Take advantage of the dictation option - tap the microphone icon and start talking and see your story in text! More on dictation here.

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