Usually it's best to download all your child's data in one go when they are leaving the service. If you would like to learn about this please take a look at the following help page:  Download a child's data and stories

This PDF method is more manual, but works well if you only want to save a small number of stories. Follow these steps to save a story as a PDF file:

1: Click the "Print" link beside the title of the story, as shown below. Don't worry though, we aren't actually printing anything.

2: You will now be taken to the page shown below. Click "Print as PDF"

A new page will appear with only the story showing. This page has converted the story into a PDF file for printing, but you can also save it. 

3: Right Click (or hold the CTRL key while clicking normally for a Mac) and a little menu will popup.

4: Select "Save As..." from the menu as shown below.

Once you click "Save As..." a new popup will appear. This popup allows you to choose where you want to save the file to, once you are happy click "Save" and you're done.

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