Parent stories are a way for parents and family members to contribute to their child's online portfolio. They work in a similar way to a normal learning story.
Follow the steps below to learn how to create a 'parent story'.

Start by clicking the Parent Story button from a child's profile, or by clicking the Parent Story link from the "Children" page

There are a few ways you can add a story. You can either upload a PDF, upload a video, write out a story in the provided box, or do a mixture of those. 

Read how to do each below:

1. Upload a PDF

To upload a story which you have already created in another application (such as Microsoft Word) you will first need to save that file as a PDF. Once you have saved as PDF, click Select File as circled in the above image, and upload it . 

2. Upload a Video

To add a video click the Add Video button as shown in the above image. Locate and select the video file from your computer, and then click open. When you are ready to start uploading the video, click Start, and a green loading bar will appear to show the upload progress. 

How fast this takes depends on the size of the file, and your internet speed. Once it has finished uploading the bar will disappear.

3. Writing a story and uploading photos

You can also create the story directly onto Educa in the text editor. Here you will add the title of the story, text, and photos. 

To add photos click the orange Upload Photos button and follow the instructions.
For more detailed information on how to upload photos, click here.
You can also write a story or some comments about what you've been up to. It's a lot like writing an email! Below we've added a photo and some text:

Finished your story?

Click the orange publish button at the bottom of the page to save, and send it to your child's educational staff.

You also have the option to save it as a draft, if you'd like to finish it later.

Rotate/Crop Photos - Click Here

Add a Frame to Photos - Click Here

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