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Learning Stories 101 - Links & Guides
Learning Stories 101 - Links & Guides

Educa resources and ideas to help you with Learning Stories

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For a quick overview, here is a quick Learning Stories PDF. For more detail, read this blog post on the Magic of Learning Stories.

Cheat Sheet Writer's Guide

If you need inspiration for your next story, this Learning Story Ideas cheat sheet might help with:

  • Story-worthy ideas

  • Types of learning to look for

  • Positive words

Why Learning Stories

To get inspired, here is a one-pager on how Learning Stories enrich the lives of teachers, how they help you:

  • Understand and connect to your children

  • Build connections to your families

  • Save time on data collection

Detailed Guides with Examples

Here is a detailed guide on Learning Stories and Educa with a lot of Learning Story examples:

Blogs and Webinars

Authentic Assessment - Learning Stories

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