Site Administrators can adjust your site preferences through Site Settings

Overdue Alert

You will have see the orange bell icon next to a child's profile on the All Children page. This orange bell signifies a set period of time has passed since the child's last story and serves as a reminder to post a new story. The bell can only be seen by educators.

The orange bell will only disappear once a learning story has been posted. If you mark a post as a Day Journal, the orange bell icon will still be shown.

By default, the bell will appear after 14 days, however you can adjust the time period for when the overdue alert appears or turn it off altogether.

Display Settings

Under site preferences, there are a number of minor display settings which you can modify. These settings include labels, the make up of a profile download and message board pinning. 

The changes allow you to customise the appearance of your site and tailor it to your community. 

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