Through Educa's reflection questions on each learning story,  educators are encouraged to think more deeply about the learning taking place. They prompt the educators to reflect on not just the what but the how and why

You can add up to 3 reflection questions, which can be shared with parents or kept private between educators. Each question can be worded by you to fit the needs of your centre.

Site Administrators can change the learning story template questions and the privacy of these fields in Site Settings

Most services make the first two boxes visible to parents using some version of our default questions:  What learning is happening here? and Opportunities and possibilities. What's next?

The third reflection box provides an opportunity for private teacher reflection and can be labeled to fit your process.  It could be used for a private evaluation of a child's progress or for reflections on the teaching that went into that story. Private reflection boxes are marked by an orange boarder and are only visible to educators with access to the story. 

These changes will apply to all educators across your site. This will update the titles of these fields on previous learning stories too, although no content that you have written will be removed.

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