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Troubleshooting Tips - Invalid Email or Password resets

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"Invalid Email" Error

This probably means there is a typo in the email address you entered, or that there is no account linked to the email address you are using. Please note that you will need to have an Educa account already set up to use the Educa Touch app. 

Double check that your email is spelt correctly, and that there are no 'spaces' before or after the email address. Sometimes phones and tablets automatically add a space after your email address, which will cause this error.

"Invalid Email or Password" - How to Change

If you need to change your password:
- as a parent, you can do this in the app under the settings cog in the top right

- as a teacher, login to Educa on a browser, go to "My Account Settings" (under Settings on the sidebar) and click to change your password. More here.

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