Notifications can be viewed on your Educa website, rather than via emails.
You can find these notifications from the "bell" icon found next to your name in the top right hand side of the page.
Your notifications inbox shows the last 100 system notifications you have received. 

To view your recent notifications click on the "bell" icon at the top of the page. If you have unread notifications the icon will be highlighted orange. 

To view a notification simply click on the subject. 

Unread messages will have bold titles. After clicking on a message it will no longer be bold. You can also show that you have seen the message by ticking the check boxes beside each notification and using the "Mark as Read" button (1).
You can use the "Delete" button (2) to delete multiple items at once after selecting messages by ticking the check boxes. 

On the specific notification view, you will see a similar message to the email notification you would receive along with any links included in the notification.
Click the link as normal to view the content (1).
You can return to the notification box by clicking "Back to Inbox" (2).

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