Note: This setting can only be accessed by a Site Administrator.

The exclamation/bell icon next to a child's profile photo (seen below) is there to serve as a reminder that the child's learning stories have not been updated in a while.
By default this icon will appear 14 days after the most recent learning story has been published.
You can change this time-frame or turn it off completely by following the steps below.

Note to staff: Any stories that are published as "Day Journals" will not remove this icon from a child's profile. You can find out more about Day Journals here

1: Click on "Admin" next to your name in the top right hand corner.
2: Click the "Site Settings" button.  

This will take you to the settings page for your site.

3: Go to the "Privacy and Preferences" tab.

You can then scroll down to the Site Preferences sub-category where you will see the Overdue Alert setting. 

4: Under the heading Overdue Alert you will see the amount of days it's currently set to. Click that number for a menu to appear as shown below, where you can select a different number, or disable them altogether. 

Once you have selected an option by clicking on it, your settings will be updated and saved automatically. 

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