The Reports section has many useful summaries and graphs for staff to use at your childcare service. One being the Parent Visit Report which shows the number of visits family members have in the last month as well as the total number of log ins since they joined with Educa. You are also able to search this list and sort them in ascending or descending order. 

Follow these steps to access and view the report. 

1: Click on the "Reports" tab.
2: Click the "Parent Visit Report" button. 

You will then see a report containing information on family members' visits to the site, similar to the one below. 

Here you can see a list of all the parents and other family members, showing the following information: 

  • The child(ren) they are linked to 
  • When their last visit was
  • The number of visits for the past month
  • And the total number of visits

There is a also very useful search feature which you can use to find information for specific family members. 

You can click in the "Search" input box above the list of users and can search for a parent's name, a child's name, a date or for any other information found in this report. 

As you type in the input box, only visitor information matching your search criteria will be automatically displayed. 

The information in this report can also be sorted by ascending or descending order for each of the four columns listed. This can be done by clicking on each of the individual titles. 

An arrow pointing down indicates the information is sorted by descending order (for example, Z-A or 99-0). An arrow pointing up indicates the information is sorted by ascending order by that category (for example, A-Z or 0-99). 

Finally, you can use the print button found below the report to print off a copy of the report to keep for your records, or to take to a staff meeting. 

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