The Reports section has many useful summaries and graphs for staff to use at your childcare service. One being the Parent Engagement Graph which displays and compares the number of parent visits, learning stories and parent comments posted per week over all time or a select period.

Follow these steps to access the report.

1: Click on the "Reports" tab.
2: Click the "Parent Engagement Graph" button. 

You will then see a report containing information on parent engagement, similar to the one below. 

This graph illustrates the number of learning stories, parent visits, and parent comments per week. This graph gives you an indication of how engaged the parents are on your site with children's learning stories. 

You can also hover your mouse over the different weeks for each of the three lines to see the date and the total number. 

The time period can also be changed by using the calendar selection panel by clicking on the Calendar buttons. Follow these steps to learn how:

1: Click on the calendar icon beside the Start Date and End Date fields.
2: Select the preferred dates from the pop up calendar.
3: Click the "Refresh" button

This will bring up a graph illustrating the parent engagement between those dates.

Finally, you can use the print button found below the report to print off a copy of the report to keep for your records, or to take to a staff meeting. 

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