Note:  " Edit Template" can only be accessed by Admins

The Logbook can be used to track certain events at your center, either learning events, regulatory or administrative priorities that need to be recorded in a diary format OR it can used as a simple schedule or plan of centre events.

Note the Logbook is a standalone feature that does not connect to the rest of Educa, and is not seen by parents.

Warning Re Changing Your Logbook Template

Logbook supports only one template at a time. If you change a template field, data related to the replaced field will be lost. If you change the template, data related to the prior template will be lost.

Setting Up Your Logbook

There are four types of questions and 8 columns showing, although more can be added. 

1: Go to Logbook under Teacher tab.
2: Click "Site Settings." 

On the "Modify Logbook Section Headers" page either generate a default template from our selections or create your own form.

If you choose to select one of the templates in the dropdown menu, the current headings will be replaced by the headings in your template selection. 

3: Once you have a template, you can edit the titles of any section, use the arrows to change the order, delete or add sections.

4:  To add your own section, click  "Add Section" and complete the popup box fields then clicked "Add."

Note.  The "Links" format refers to pre-selected choices (or links) that can be used as a convenience for educators (e.g., types of play, types of health checks, food) or to prompt their memory of options.  This is the most user-friendly format.  Follow instructions to enter :: between each entry.

"Search and Select" requires teachers to type in answers to find the "link" (shown below). The "Search and Select" option is useful for when you have avery long checklist. 

Troubleshooting Notes
On some browsers Logbook changes do not appear to save on the Template page after clicking Save.  However, your edits do save. When you next use the template, it will be updated for your edits.

Be careful changing your template.  If you change a field type, prior data will be lost.  If you add options in a "Links" multiple choice field, prior data will not be lost.  Similarly, changing titles or adding a description will not impact existing data.

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