The Reports section has many useful summaries and graphs for staff to use at your childcare service. One other feature is the Story Search Report which allows you to search through all published stories on your Educa site. You can filter this search by keywords, dates, child(ren) and more!

Follow these steps to access and view this feature. 

1: Click on the "Reports" tab.
2: Click the "Story Search" button. 

The Story Search page allows you to search for stories with various options to refine your search. 

  • Start Date and End Date determine what dates will be looked for.
  • The Keyword text box will filter the stories by what words they contain.
  • The Story Creator drop down option enables you to select which teachers stories will be searched for. 
  • The Story Type drop down option allows you to filter different types of stories (Individual / Group / Parent Story / Day Journal).
  • The Class(es) drop down menu lets you filter stories by class.
  • The Child(ren) drop down will allow you to select the children you want to search for stories for.
  • The Curriculum Type drop down lets you select curriculum types that you want to include in your search
  • The Curriculum Goals Show/Hide lets you select individual curriculum goals that you want to include in your search. When you show the curriculum goals you will see all the selected curriculum types listed as blue buttons. Select the curriculum you want to open the curriculum goal selector. Tick the boxes next to each goal you would like to search for. 

PLEASE NOTE: The curriculum goals section is still being optimised for lower resolution screens. If this does not show correctly, please try clearing your cache or zooming out your web browser to 90%. It is currently not available on mobile devices.

Fill in these options (you may leave some of them as is with all selected) and click the "Search" button. 

After hitting the "Search" button a list of stories with a summary of their content will be returned. You will be able to see the story's title, date, author, a brief section of the story, the child it is for and if any attachments / links / comments are on the story. 

You can then click on the story's title to go to the individual story page for more information. 

Note: You will not be able to find Draft or Pending Stories through this search feature.

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