Sometimes experiences involve a group of children or a class. Use a Group Story to document and share these moments. When you  "Publish" a group story, it is automatically:

1/ Added to the portfolio of each child linked, and

2/ Sent to the families of each child linked

Parents and extended family can comment. These comments and teacher replies to those comments are private, seen only by the family member(s) making the comment and the child's educators.

Note, teachers can also comment on stories written by other teachers - exactly which stories depends on your class privacy settings. These comments are seen by everyone connected to each child in the story, teachers and family.

A story can be any kind of update, from a few words, a video or photo to a full learning story.  

Write a Group Story

1: Go to click the "Children" tab.
2: Click on "Create a Group Story."

This takes you to the Create Group Story page. 

3: Once on the page, use the drop down menus to click on the class(es) the children are in and choose the children the story is for. 

4: After selecting a Class, you can choose all to post to all the children in that class by clicking on "Check all" in the Children drop down box. 

5: You can then choose a file (Word or PDF) to upload if you wish. This is added the same way when using the "Upload Story" feature on a child's profile.

6: Now fill out story details (title, date, story, plan(s), curricula) as in an individual story. This includes the story approval workflow if set up on your site.

For more info, please see our Create an Individual Story help article.

Collaboration with Peers

In addition to story approval, teachers can comment on the stories written by other teachers using the Comment section. These comments are seen by everyone connected to the child, teachers and parents. 

If class privacy is turned off, all teachers can see all stories. If class privacy is turned on, teachers can see stories their profile children and children in their class and have the ability to comment or edit. 

Note: Group Story file allows you to upload a group story written in other software programs such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or Apple Pages. Before you upload, please export the file into PDF file format, because it’s the most common file format that can be opened on most computers. Educa only accepts documents in PDF format with a file size under 8MB when uploading a group story file.

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