The Updates screen is where you are able to view all of the learning stories from your child's service. It is the home screen of the application. This article will help you to learn about the Updates section and understand what all of the icons mean and how to refresh this page.

The icons shown on the three stories below represent a few different items that can be attached to stories: 

  • The camera icon indicates the story has pictures attached

  • The television indicates the story has video content

  • The cross-hatched icon indicates a linking to curriculum

  • The chat bubbles indicate there are replies/comments on the learning story

  • The page icon indicates the story has files (PDF) attached

To see if there are any new stories to view, you are able to refresh the page to check for updates.
To reload the Updates page in the Educa Touch app on your mobile device, you can 'pull' the page down by touching somewhere and dragging the screen down. 

You will then see a loading screen for a brief moment before seeing any new updates.

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