Note: This feature is currently only available on the Apple Educa Touch app.

In Educa Touch (on iPad or iPhone) you can record audio to attach to the story you're creating. Recording audio works in the same way as when you create or attach a photo or video.

1: Tap Blue + sign at the bottom of the screen, then "Create Story" and then tap the screen to remove the keyboard, then tap the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen and select "record Voice."

After you tap "Record Voice" you will be taken to the following screen. This is where you will record your audio.

3: You may be asked to allow Educa access to your microphone. Tap to Allow.

To begin the recording tap the large red button in the middle of the screen.

While it's recording the red button will turn into a square, and you will see the timer increase, as shown below. Once you have finished tap the red square button to stop. 

Once your recording is done you will be taken back to the story screen, now with an audio attachment. Tap the audio attachment to listen to it, or remove it.

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