There are lots of tablets and mobile phones out there to choose from. 

There are lots of different specs and requirements you may need to look at when buying a device. Below we have some tips to help ensure you can run Educa as well as possible on the device you choose.

Please note that this is only a general buying guide to help ensure that you can use Educa, either with the Educa Touch app, or via the browser. 

Things to consider...

Operating System

iPhone or iPad: If you are looking at buying an iOS device, then we recommend purchasing a device that can operate on iOS 9 or above. But to get the most out of the device, a higher iOS is best.

Android (e.g. Samsung): If you are looking at buying an Android device such as a Samsung or Nexus tablet, then we recommend purchasing a device than can operate on Android 7 or above. You will still be able to run the Educa Touch app on 4 or above, but it may not last as long. 

Camera Quality

If you will be using the tablet or phone to take photos of activities and events at your service, then it's important to get something that has a great camera. 

Generally iOS devices are praised as having better cameras because they are able to take photos faster - which is important when you're taking photos of children.

There are still some great cameras options for Android devices. But if you are looking at buying an Android to take photos, then we recommend going into the store and testing the camera on a moving target if you can. Sometimes a hands on test is the best way to find out, and to be sure it will meet your needs. 

Internet Browser

All devices come with a default browser. As with a PC or laptop we recommend download Google Chrome for your tablet or phone, if you will be accessing Educa via the browser. Both Android and iOS devices can download Google Chrome.

Downloading the Educa Touch Apps

Android: Click here to download
iOS: Click here to download

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