Note: This is a teacher only feature.

Private Child Notes is a feature that allows teachers to make notes against a child's profile, such as a reminder note to themselves or other teachers, or what to write for the child's next learning story. Parents will not be able to see these notes. 

1: Child Notes can be accessed by navigating to the child's profile,  then selecting the orange link Open Notes in the Child Notes section.

2: To leave a note for teachers, click on Private Notes. Then type into the text box on the Child Notes page. Then click Add Shared Note when you're done.

The orange stripe on the left-hand side of the note will indicate that it is a private note, that only educators can view.

If for some reason you are not happy with your note, you can delete it by pressing the trash can icon beside notes that you have written.

Note: The newest Child Notes will be displayed above older notes, so if someone replies or adds a new note it will appear above your one.

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