Note: This action can only be completed by a Site Administrator

Sometimes an invitation may be sent out to a parent or staff member and their email address or other details may be incorrect. If their invitation is still pending, you are able to edit their details or can delete their invitation. 

1: Click the "Center / Centre / Service" tab.
2: Click on "Centre/Centre/Service Info".
3: Click on the "View Users" button from the right hand side.

You will now see a list of all users (family and staff members) on the site; pending invitations and accepted accounts. 

The list is split up into the following headings: Family (pending), Family (accepted), Staff (pending), and Staff (accepted).

Pending means you have sent an invitation but they have not activated yet. 

Accepted means that they have activated their account and they can log in to your site now. 

On the right-hand column each person will have a number of orange action buttons for you to use, as circled in blue below. These will change depending on whether they are "pending" or "accepted".

4: To edit an invite, click on "Edit" next to their invitation details.
5: To delete an invitation, click the "Delete" button from the options.

If you edit their email address, a new email invitation will automatically be sent out. 

You can only delete it if the invitation hasn’t been accepted yet. If thy have accepted, clicking "Delete" will remove their account from your site.
Once the invitation is deleted, the link in their invitation email will no longer work. 

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