The Event Calendar can be used to plan and record events happening at your childcare service. Staff are able to create and edit events and parents are able to view the calendar as well as see the details by clicking on an event.

To create an event: 

1: Navigate to the time you wish to create the event then click and drag to create the event item.

2: Release the mouse and the event form will appear

3: Fill in the details of your event. If you want, you can change the period of the event to the correct time if you did not get it correct the first time.

If you wish to send an email alert simply select the relevant groups in the Email option. If notifying parents the Classes option restricts the invitation to the parents of the children in the selected class.

After saving the event any email notifications will automatically be sent.

Note: The parents see the calendar the same for the most part except they cannot create or edit events. If they click on an event they will see a popup with the event's details.

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