If you are part of a larger association or group of services, you may have educators who need to have access to more than one Educa site. We've developed an easier way to allow these educators access to new sites, without the process of inviting and accepting invitations for each additional site.

Please note: You will only be able to link Educators to sites that you are connected to. 

1: Click on the "Teachers/Educators" tab

2: Select "All Teachers/Educators" from the drop down menu

3: Click on the teacher profile picture or name

4: Select the "Link to" option next to edit profile

5: From the pop up, select which centre you would like to give them access to

6: Click "Link Teacher"

They will now have access to this new centre automatically.
They will not need to create a new password as they will use the same one for all sites they are able to log into.

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