Note: This task can only be completed by a Site Administrator 

If a new family or staff member has lost their invitation, accidentally deleted it or just cannot find the email, you can send them a new invitation email by re-inviting the user.

1: Click the "Center / Centre / Service" tab.
2: Click on "Center/Centre/Service Info".
3: Click on the "View Users" button from the right hand side.

You will now see a list of all users (family and staff members) on the site; pending invitations and accepted accounts. 

The list is split up into the following headings: Family (pending), Family (accepted), Staff (pending), and Staff (accepted).

Pending means you have sent an invitation but they have not activated yet. 

Accepted means that they have activated their account and they can log in to your site now. 

On the right-hand column each person will have a number of orange action buttons for you to use, as circled in blue below. These will change depending on whether they are "pending" or "accepted".

4: To resend an invitation, click the "Re-Invite" button next to their invitation details.

The user will then be sent a new email invitation with a new activation link for them to click on and activate their account. 

Re-invite all Pending User Invitations - Click Here

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