Where you have more than one child from one family attending your service, the parent can’t be invited using the same email twice. Instead, invite the parent first from one of the child’s profile pages. 

Once the parent accepts the invitation, the parent can be then linked to their other child(ren). 

1: Select the "Children" tab.

2: Click on the second/other child's profile picture.

3: From the child's profile page select the "Link to Parent" option as shown below.

4: This will bring up a drop down box with current active parents. Select the parent's name from the list.

5: Once the name is chosen, click the "Link" button

The parents name and email will now appear under the Active Accounts section of the child's profile. They will now receive learning stories about their child.

Note: When you select the parent from the list, please ensure to select the correct parent. Otherwise, you are giving access to children from other family and the intended parent will not have access to their child’s information. 

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