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Educa provides a number of standard and widely used curricula and teaching philosophies for you to link to your stories as evidence. 

We are always updating this list to provide you with more resources. But if you have a specific curriculum or philosophy of your own that you'd like to use, then you can add this yourself. This is a totally custom curriculum that belongs only to your site. Follow the steps below to learn how to set this up.

1: To create a new Curriculum, first click on the "Service/Center" tab
2: Click "About Us" from the drop-down menu
3: Click "Curriculum" to go to the Curriculum library page
4: Finally, click "Create Curriculum" to start

This will then open up the Create Curriculum popup box. Fill out the fields in the popup and click "Create" to confirm.

You will now be on the new Curriculum's page, as shown below, where you can set everything up. Click "Add Category" to begin.

After you've created your categories you can then create sub-categories underneath them, or you can start creating your goals right away. How you do this depends on the complexity of your curriculum and/or how you'd like to organise it.

Tip: Think of a "category" like a folder on your computer. They help you organise the learning goals/outcomes. 

Select the category you'd like to work on by clicking it. Then click "Add Category" underneath to add a sub-category, or "Add Goal" to add a goal. 

Tip: The Goals become the checkboxes you tick on a learning story

Here is how it looks with the goals added:

Extra Tips:

  • Each Category and Goal you create will also have an Edit and a Delete option. 
  • Curriculum pages auto-save. Once you're finished making changes, you are ready to go! Just make sure the curriculum is enabled (ticked) on the Curriculum Library page.

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