In this article, we will show in detail how to use the Advanced Image Editor to add frames or borders and effects to your photos. You can use the same tool to make other changes too, so check them out!

1: First select your photo or image by clicking it. When it's selected it will be highlighted, like in the image below.

2: With the photo selected, click Advanced Image Editing in the toolbar. 

This will open the advanced image editor, as shown below. The image editor has a number of tools to choose from, including framing and lighting options, orientation, cropping, and so on. 

How to Add Frames to your Photos

1: Click the Frames button on the top bar

2: Select your desired frame and preview how it looks before clicking "Apply"

How to Add Effects to your Photos

1: Click on the "Effects" button from the options. 

2: Select an effect to preview, then click "Apply" to add the effect

When you have finished editing your image, make sure you have saved you changes by clicking the "Save" button.
This may take a few seconds depending on your internet speed and the size of the image. Once the image is saved you will then have the option to resume editing the picture or to close the editor by pressing the "X" icon. 

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