In Educe you can create messages and stories with Video to share with the families and teachers at your service! 

Listed below are a few of the places you can use to create Video Messages/Stories:

Dashboard Messages:
Please note that dashboard messages can only be created by those who have Dashboard Message permissions. 

Group Stories:

Individual Stories:
When visiting a child's profile, there are two places you can click to create an Individual Video Story for that child.

Once you have chosen which one of these options you would like to use to create your video story, you can upload your video with the following steps: 

1: Click the orange Add video link.
2: Select your video from your files
3: Click the blue Start button to begin uploading your video file.
4: When the video is finished uploading, you can continue to write the rest of your story as usual! 

Note: Please wait for the video to complete uploading before clicking Save. You will be prompted if the video has not finished uploading.

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