In this article, we will show in detail how to use the Advanced Image Editor to rotate your photos, and crop your photos. You can use the same tool to make other changes too, so check them out!

1: First select your photo or image by clicking it. When it's selected it will be highlighted, like in the image below.

2: With the photo selected, click Advanced Image Editing in the toolbar. 

This will open the advanced image editor, as shown below. The image editor has a number of tools to choose from, including framing and lighting options, orientation, cropping, and so on. 

How to Rotate and Flip your Photos

The orientation tool allows you to rotate the photo you've uploaded. This is handy for when the photo is flipped around the wrong way and you need to fix it. Here's how you can flip your photos in Educa.

1: Click the "Orientation" tool to open it. 

2: To orient your photo around to the correct or desired way, use the available Rotate and Mirror options. 

Click the left rotate button to turn the image 90° to the left, and the right rotate button for 90° to the right.
Click the mirror button to flip the image horizontally, and the right mirror button to flip vertically. 

3: When you're done click the blue "Apply" button, then hit "Save" and close the window.

How to Crop your Photos

The crop tool allows you to change the shape of your photo and cut parts out that you don't want. This is handy for when you want photos to line up side by side, or want to chop the edge off a photo (which is handy when there's a blurry thumb in the corner!) 

1: Click the "Crop" tool to open it. 

You can crop your photo in two ways, either by using the preset ratios from the top of the toolbar (simply click to preview) or you can click and drag to select the area you want by eye. 

If manually editing, you'll be moving and resizing a grid laid over the top of your photo. This grid allows you to select what you will keep, and anything outside the grid will be "cut off". See below for an example.

2: To crop by eye, click and drag one of the white corner circles to adjust the shape and size. 

3: Once you're happy with the shape/size of your photo, click "Apply." Then click "Save" to keep those changes.

When you have finished editing your image, make sure you have saved you changes by clicking the "Save" button and then close the window by pressing the "X" icon. 

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