Educa’s Milestone tool can be used for assessments, evaluation forms, and more. 

Educa has some standard templates built in for you, and your site Administrators are also able to create their own. 

Start Using a Milestone

1: To start using a milestone for a child we first need to open a child’s profile page. Visit your Children page, and click on the child's name to view their profile.

2: Click “Milestones” on the child’s profile page

3: To create a new milestone for the child, open the Link to Milestone(s) dropdown menu, and select the template you would like to use.

4: The chosen template will now appear in the child’s ‘Active Milestone’ list.
We can edit or view the milestone from this page.
Click ‘edit’ to start answering ‘questions’ from the milestone. 

You can also edit a child’s milestone via a story, and you can even link it into the story as evidence.

Once you’ve started editing a child’s milestone you can view and print its progress here. 

Editing Milestones via a Story

1: While writing a story you can open a milestone that is linked to the child, and edit it directly.

2: When you are editing a particular milestone for a child, you can also choose to share it with the child’s primary guardians and parents.
To turn on sharing, click “Edit” and then check the Share this milestone with the Child's guardians box

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