You can upload Policies for staff and parents to view via the Policies page. You can also create Policies that are only visible to staff members. 

Note: This feature can only be accessed by a Site Administrator

1: Click on the "Service/Centre" tab

2:  Select "Policies" from the drop down menu

3:  Click "Create New Policy"

4:  You can choose to Upload a Policy or create one inside the Message box

5:  If the policy is just for teachers, tick the box at the bottom

6:  Click "Publish"

The policy is now available to be viewed.

View and Send a Policy - Click Here

Share a Policy between multiple sites - Click Here

Re-order the policy list

You can sort the policies on your site to show in the order you prefer by visiting the Policy List View and clicking the arrow buttons to move a policy up or down the list. 

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