This feature allows teachers to share the resources with parents and teachers. You can use the Resources page to upload activities, games, readings, and more.

Create a Resource

1: To access your site's Resources page click the orange Centre link (alternative labels: Service, Company, or School) and then select Resources

The Resources page will show you all of the shared resources on the site.

2: Administrators can add a Resource by clicking on the orange Add Resource button. 

3: Create your resource by adding a title, a description, uploading photos, and/or uploading files. 

4: Use the tick-box to determine if this resource should be shared with only the teachers, or with everyone at your site.

5: Click Publish to save and publish your Resource. 

Please note: You can see the visibility settings of a post at a glance on the main Resources page. If a post has a privacy icon next to it, then it will be hidden from family members and only accessible by the staff at your site. 

If the privacy icon is not beside the title of the Resource, then that resource is available for all users of your site.

Comment on a Resource

From the Resources page, you can click the word Comments beside the resource title to add or view the comments for that Resource.

Search Resources

You can find the Resource you are looking for more quickly by using the search bar at the top of the Resources page. Simply enter your search term and click the Magnifying Glass button. 

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